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SAFL 2018

**ALERT** South Asian Football League (SAFL) – OPOY

We are entering the 1st week of the playoffs. Today we will be focusing on the OPOY of the league. TheOPOY of the league recognizes the player that has had the greatest impact on the offensive side of the ball. We will look at the hard numbers and than note some of the intangibles that that player brings to their team.


The candidates are our writers opinions there maybe more candidates.


Nafi Mashriqi – Browns

Football IQ Level 97/100

Possibly the most dominating force the SAFL has ever seen Nafi towers over defenders and has made a living off of demoralizing other defenses. Imposing his will this season Nafi produced 52 receptions with 12 touchdowns to boot. When he is on the field, the Browns offense is a different animal. Shu has made a career out of making pass catchers around him better but Nafi might be the exception to the rule as his combination of size, speed and agility are literally world class. An obvious contender for OPOY Nafi has enjoyed another amazing season and we expect “The Cheat Code” to be in full effect this coming Saturday.


Robert Jones – Underdogs

Football IQ Level 97/100

The SAFL’s version of the Energizer Bunny, Rob added a dynamic to the Underdogs that they did not have last year. As much as he is an emotional leader for the Underdogs, he lets his play do the talking. As the Underdogs were dead in the water, Rob Jones’ garnered a bigger role in the offense and seemingly out of nowhere the Underdogs passing attack came to life. With 60 catches and a strong team second half it is hard to argue what Rob has brought to the table. He doesn’t seem to stop.


Joseph Ivanditto – Savages

Football IQ Level 96/100

Tied for the league lead with 12 touchdowns, Joey was part of the high powered Savages offense that really took form this season. A speedy receiver with hands to match, it is arguable that he is the most complete receiver on a stacked offense that features the likes of Hashim Naveed and Lutalo Boyce. The highlights prove that Joey is a big play threat and the league has taken notice.


Sim Singh – AK

Football IQ Level 97/100

Sims wasn’t able to appear in as many games as he wanted to this year and unfortunately for AK their one loss on the year came in his absence. How good is Sims? He’s 39 touchdowns to only 1 interception good. The engine to the most high powered offense in the SAFL Sims has only added to his legacy this year. One may argue that his attendance should keep him off of this list but if we are being realistic it’s apparent what he does for AK. Now this isn’t to knock Amneet or anyone who filled in for Sims while he was gone but offensively AK is a different beast with this man on the field. Does anyone really think AK wouldn’t have had another 10-0 record with Sims out there full time? Yeah…. didn’t think so.


Bakthiar “Shu” Khan – Browns

Football IQ Level 98/100

The Browns took a step back this year in overall record but rest assured that offense was as potent as ever. The GOAT produced another masterful season throwing 54 touchdowns in 10 games. “When Shu throws the ball, the ball catches you” wrote one member in the SAFL group chat and well, he might be right. People call him Shu but I move we change his name to “ The Cashier” because he throws dimes like his giving change. Time and time again sideline were left in awe as his pin point accuracy left even the best defenses with nowhere to turn. As long as the Browns have this man leading the charge, they have a shot…always.

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