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We’re approaching the end of another spectacular season. Every season has been progressively more exciting than the previous. As teams gear up ready to make some noise in the playoffs, they’ll need a guide on every opponent. As a gift to all teams, we present the annual scouting report which will delve into each team’s QB, offense, defense, and chemistry. We’ll also reveal how to exploit each. You’re welcome 🙂

TEAM Record Off Rank Def Rank PF PA Point Diff Power Score Title Odds
AK 9 0 0 1 2 358 194 164 9.05 32.23%
Gators 8 1 0 3 1 348 177 171 8.79 24.23%
Browns 6 3 0 2 5 357 247 110 7.32 16.25%
PT 5 4 0 5 3 223 196 27 6.33 10.95%
CK 5 4 0 4 7 292 268 24 5.63 7.35%
Bandits 4 5 0 7 4 198 226 -28 4.92 4.48%
The Elites 3 6 0 6 6 202 256 -54 4.26 2.65%
Savages 2 7 0 8 8 184 269 -85 2.98 1.57%
Renegades 2 7 0 9 10 172 336 -164 1.83 0.20%
Thunder 1 8 0 10 9 116 281 -165 1.38 0.10%



QB: In contention for best QB in the league though not quite there. Possesses near elite arm strength. Can make every throw, but prefers to make the comfortable throw. Mobility is a plus. IQ is above average. Runs a simple two read scheme. Best way to slow this QB down is to drop into a cloud zone and make him throw to this third option.

Offense: Collectively the fastest team in the league. Effort is always there. Hands are among the best but drops too many easy catches. Plays with tremendous hustle. The best way to slow them down is to drop your back end coverage and stay with the deep routes.

Defense: Most athletic team in league. The only team who primarily relies on man to man coverage. Flag pulling among the best. Susceptible to crossing routes especially their 3, 4, and 5 DB.

Intangibles: Plays well together. Always roots for each other. Temperamental. A patient team can get under their skin.


QB: Possesses above average arm strength. Mobility is limited.  Loves to throw deep. Play calling above average. Has trouble against any team that can take away the deep pass.

Offense: Runs mostly zone breakers. Utilizes personnel well. Personnel is ideal combinations of size and speed. Excellent hands throughout. If opposing defense stays home, team has trouble moving ball because there is only two/three man route. Others are decoys.

Defense: Plays mostly zone. Very fast in all corners of the D, average speed it he middle. Middle man always vacates trying to be Superman. Deep defenders can be had with a wheel route. Flag pulling very good.

Intangibles: Very high level of camaraderie. Almost a business like team environment. The only goal is to win. An experienced team with good WRs will make them lose patience.


QB: Below average arm strength. Prone to turnovers. Accuracy unmatched. Needs elite talent to sustain drives. Has no value with the legs. Can be shut down with aggressive man to man defense or a man/zone concept.

Offense: Top heavy talent. Speed and quickness not ideal. Can not break away from man to man defense. Runs a variation of the same play consistently.

Defense: Flag pulling below average. Does not adjust personnel. Very slow up front. Middle can be had for whoever wants to take it.

Intangibles: Team has hit rough patches but leadership is top notch. Always stays calm and keeps eyes on the prize.


QB: Very good arm. Ball arrives quickly. Throws a nice deep ball. Can complete intermediate throws with regularity. Trouble with short routes. Very mobile. A cloud zone will force throws in the middle which is a weakness.

Offense: Good team speed. Tremendous stamina. Hands are above average. Route running is solid. No elite speed limits easy throws. A stay at home true zone can take away almost all sets in the playbook.

Defense: Very high stamina. Can play man to man or zone. Deep corners possess ideal speed. Can be susceptible to post out patterns. Excellent flag pulling.

Intangibles: Plays hard until the final whistle. Team is always under control. Effort is unmatched. Leadership still hasn’t shown ability to stop the top teams despite knowing them well.


QB: Very accurate. Above average arm strength. Throws very well on intermediate and short routes. Below average on deep throws. Can be shut down if primary and secondary option is covered. A 2-1-2 one can be problematic.

Offense: Very good mix of size and speed. Runs good structured routes. Does not attack opponents weaknesses with regularity. A base 3-2 defense can render majority of their plays useless.

Defense: Plays a vanilla zone with no sense of urgency. Flag pulling above average. Does not rotate well to strength of route. Slots and middle are always open.

Intangibles: Team staying together learning on the fly. Team attitude is very mature. Can fall into a shell when hitting rough patches. Needs more vocal leadership.


QB: QB has good arm strength. Best suited to intermediate throws. Takes too long to recognize primary opening. Prone to turnovers. Does not utilize athleticism advantages. Has trouble against a disciplined D.

Offense: Has youth and speed but play old and slow. Some dynamic talent is there, but not used efficiently. Play calling lacks purpose. 3-2 zone can stymie.

Defense: Has good speed. Flag pulling above average. Almost everyone vacates their zone responsibilities. Does not adapt well to opponents strengths and weaknesses.

Intangibles: Superior camaraderie. Team is always together. Leadership does not come to each game with a viable game plan.


QB: Throws a great intermediate pass. Long ball ability is there but needs improvement. Needs to check down more often. Has trouble reading the weakness in zone coverage.

Offense: Has enough athleticism to be really good. Size is also a plus. Route running is subpar. Play calling doesn’t cater to the strengths of available personnel. A 3-2 zone is sufficient to shut down offense.

Defense: Ideal mix has not been identified. Too many combinations leading to confusion. Deep defenders rotate too late. Has trouble covering intermediate middle. Flag pulling is average.

Intangibles: While team always pulls for each other and the team environment is great, management has not enforced a sense of urgency.


QB: Very talented. Throws a good deep ball. Arm strength is very good. Can complete direct throws. Placement on moving targets below average. Must learn to throw to first open receiver. Any stable zone can fluster.

Offense: Effort is there. Ideal mix of personnel still yet to be put on display. Play calling does not anticipate opposition’s tendencies. Does not have the speed to break man to man and does not have the coordination to break zone.

Defense: Does not adapt well. Sticks to the same looks expecting different results. Has the ability to be an above average D provided they play with more urgency. Average flag pulling.

Intangibles: Guys are in this together. They work well together. Always encourage each other. The enthusiasm is always there. Able leadership is missing.


QB: Average arm strength. Not mobile. Strictly a pocket passer. Pushes the ball rather than throwing it resulting in throws with subpar velocity. Play calling needs to be diversified. Play a dsicplined zone and they’ll stall.

Offense: Very good at crossing routes. Ideal size and speed.  A 2-1-2 zone can take away most of their routes.

Defense: Still learning how to play with each other. Very good athletes all over the field. Rotation is slow when in zone. Flag pulling average.

Intangibles: Pull for each other. Quite a feat for a new team full of strangers. Team is calm amid chaos. Future is bright. Must learn to speed up play calling to maximize possessions. Must learn to communicate on defense.


QB: Mobile. Throws a tight spiral. Runs a one read offense. Make him throw against tight coverage and make sure the giver can contain his legs.

Offense: Some good athletes. Speed is average to above average. Potential hasn’t been reached due to QB limitations. Play a soft zone against these guys.

Defense: No coherence in scheme. Lacks mental acumen to play a sophisticated zone. Flag pulling very good. Spread out you WRs and throw to the first guy open. There will be lots of WRs open.

Intangibles: Plus on the intangibles. Team shows up every week with enthusiasm. There is no finger pointing on this team.

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