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This game is a lot more important for the Gators than A

This game is a lot more important for the Gators than AK. It’s not necessarily because of seeding purposes…it’s for the Gator’s psyche. They need to know if they can really beat AK at their best. The Gators achilles heal is man defense. And it’s possible that the only team that can beat the Gators this year is AK. The Gators will need some very creative plays to get open. AK is  a formidable defense. With the right game plan and execution, their man defense can be cracked. The Gators have a better PA difference than AK. So if the Gators win, that will propel them to the number 1 seed. AK is already the favorite to win it all this year. If the Gators can pull off the upset, it will be a huge confidence boost for them.


The Gators will need to work hard to crack AK’s man defense. As we all know, their roster is extremely limited and a lot of work and effort is necessary to beat man defense. Do the Gators have the endurance and game plan to beat AK’s defense? AK is very fast, very athletic. They also have Sims who may likely win the MVP this year. The Gators historically just don’t beat man defense and we don’t see it happening here.

AK 38 Gators 30


Elites vs Renegades

The Elites are practically a lock for that 7th seed. A lot of crazy scenarios would need to happen if they were going to move up or down in the standings. They’d first need to win their game and they’d need the Bandits to completely stink up the joint for them to move to 6th. If they were to move down, they’d need the Savages to put a serious beating on the Thunder and the Elites would have to lose by a fairly wide margin. We don’t see any of these scenarios happening. That 7th and 8th seed are practically first round exits waiting to happen. We expect the Elites to finish the season in the 7th season and we don’t see this team upsetting the 1 or 2 seeds.

The Renegades won an unbelievable game against the Thunder. They really had no business winning that game. They had about 7 players, they looked terrible offensively and looked ok defensively. This was a HUGE win for them. They pulled off the upset and they’re guaranteed a playoff spot. The Elites whooped this team a few weeks ago and we expect the same to happen.


There are no good matchups for the Renegades in this league unless they play against the Thunder or Savages. The Elites are better than those teams. The  Elites will treat this as a tune up game for their big playoff game coming up!


Elites 40 Renegades 18


Bandits vs CK

The Bandits lost their last game 27-14 against PT. As usual, the Bandits will look great one week and not so good the next. This is an extremely important game for both teams for seeding purposes. If the Bandits win, they could potentially be 4th. PT would have to lose. The Bandits want no part of the Browns at the 3rd seed. They’d much rather take their chances with the 5th seed instead of playing the 3rd seed. Although the Browns are no lock for the 3rd seed. The Bandits really have to come together Saturday. They need to treat this as a playoff game. Which team will we see this Saturday?

CK got destroyed by the Browns. They gave up 50 plus points. They appear to be getting much healthier at the right time. The Browns are a very bad matchup for them and they want to avoid them at all costs. CK right now controls their own destiny. If they win, they can potentially move up to the 3rd seed which would be an incredible accomplishment.


CK hasn’t had many duds this season. They’ve been mostly consistent through out the season. The Bandits are up and down all season. However, they defeated CK a few weeks ago. They looked fairly impressive, but struggled on defense. This will be a very close game. Bandits playmakers will come up big!

Bandits 38 – CK 28


Thunder vs Savages

The Thunder lost another brutal game to the hapless Renegades. They just can not lose a game like that under any circumstances. They had control of their own destiny and they blew it. If they won that game, they’d be in the playoffs. Jawid wasn’t there and it had a huge impact on this game. At the same time, the game was well within their grasp and there are no excuses for losing to the Renegades. Now they’re backs are against the wall. Will this team respond?

The Savages got destroyed by the Gators. The week before that they upset PT. And the week before that they lost to the Thunder. They’ve been hampered by roster attendance and key injuries. The key to this team is their attendance. Who will show up on Saturday? Will they have a legit QB? Will they have their playmakers available? This team was once up 20-7 on the Thunder a few weeks ago and blew that game. Now they have to play an elimination game against a team that beat them a few weeks ago.


This is as close as a matchup as they come. The quality of this game is heavily determined by QB attendance. Will Jawid play? Will Hashim play? Assuming they’re both in attendance and both teams have their full squads, we believe the Thunder are slightly better. They’ve played much closer games throughout the season and when their defense is on top of their game, they’re actually pretty good. Jawid is the key to this game. If he shows up and plays well, the Thunder will win by a td!

Thunder 27 – Savages 20



Primetime vs Browns

Primetime has had an extremely impressive season. There’s no way anyone would’ve predicted that they’d be 5-4. They’ve lost back to back games for the first time all season. This is due to attendance. Their key playmakers show up occasionally, but not enough. If they have their big playmakers in this game, they may potentially upset the Browns again. One of the biggest upsets of the year came against the Browns. Do they have it in them to upset them again?

The Browns have won 2 in a row and have looked a little better on defense. They really need to lock down this 3rd seed and avenge their loss to PT earlier in the season. This team will kick it into another game, now that the playoffs are a week away and this game has huge factors for seeding purposes. Their defense looked old and slow against PT.


PT has some very athletic players that gave the Browns headaches last time they played each other. If PT has those playmakers show up, this game will be very exciting to watch. The Browns have looked more like the Browns the past 2 games. This is a very important game for both teams!

Browns 44 – PT 28

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