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Power Rankings – Week 1

Welcome back to the SAFL 2020 Season!

We are excited to have everyone back and it’s great to see so many new faces this year!

We have 10 Teams this year whom are all competitive and there will NOT be any gimmie games so be ready every week for a battle.
Let’s get into the pre-season Power Rankings!

#1 AK

The 2019 Champions of the SAFL! From our intel it seems that they haven’t lost anyone but they added a new player Taranjit. From our previous knowledge of AK we know that they aren’t going to be bringing any fluff talent to the league so expect him to be effective. The reigning MVP Sims is back to helm the offense. Amneet, Phil, Harpal, Richie, Hargy and Ken are all back so they are definitely the team to beat as of right now and until someone knocks them down they’ll be sitting high at #1 for a long time.


#2 Prime Time

Prime Time fell a little short last year in the playoffs but that’s largely due to them not having their starting QB for the game. This year they made some adjustments and found a way to land Ricky Cotton formally of the Browns to QB for them. Ricky is smart, fast and from what our intel has told us has a cannon. So expect him to be using his legs a lot at QB so opposing defenses better put a speedy guy at the line for the PT games. They also added All-Star Adam Bhatti to the mix to give them some good speed and hands. Add them to DJ, Q, Waqas and Waleed and their season is looking really bright


#3 Gators

The Gators had an amazing season last year. In 2019, they brought in the current ROY Shady and their offense changed immediately. They were able to retain him along with Ramy, Kunal, Tommy, Will and Dean at QB. They added some new faces too but we don’t have much intel on them so will leave that in the air. Look for the Gators to be one of the speedier teams and one of the top defenses for 2020. We expect them to stay in the Top 3 all season.

#4 Browns

The Browns crack the Top 5 yet again this season. One of the top offensives over the year the Browns look to continue that rend. With All-Star QB Shu at the helm the Browns offense definitely does not look to slow down. They retained Ken who is one of the all time leaders in receptions. They did trim a lot of people from their roster compared to last year so that’ll be interesting to see play out. They added former Bandit ZQ to give them some length and Johnathan to give them some speed. We expect the Browns to stay in the Top 5 all season.


#5 Cobra Kai

What a difference a couple years make! Cobra Kai aka CK came into the league 2 seasons ago and were basically left out to dry all season long. Last season they completely turned it around. They did it by doing some heavy recruiting. Fabio and Anthony really were able to find some true gems including Joel, Fatih, Joe and Yash. They played in one of the most epic games ever against the Browns but came up a little short. This year they added some new pieces to the mix that we are sure will make some noise.

#6 Bandits

The Bandits are always a question mark. They have up and down seasons in what seems like forever. Attendance has always been an issue but when everyone is there they are hard to beat. Hopefully this year will be different in terms of attendance. They were the runner-ups last year against AK in the finals but came up short and surprisingly they fell to the 6th spot. They were able to retain some good talent in Miguel, Jay, Dheeraj, Frank, Raghav, Zobi and Osamah and brought in some outside help with Matt, Rob and Haseeb. These guys can go far but chemistry has to be there and so does attendance.

#7 Panthers

The Panthers are somewhat of a new team. The name is different but the inner workings has veterans all over it. Led by Oke and Waqas the Panthers are looking to bring almost all of the free agents from the 2 dissolved teams from last year (Thunder and Renegades). The team has a lot of potential. With names like Curtis, Jesse and Mo and 4 new additions brought in from none other than AK. So with Waqas QBing and a talented roster we expect big things

# 8 Guardians

The Guardians might be low on this list but we just don’t know too much about them. All we know is that Yusuf Kolia will be the QB and Aadil (Squirrels) will be a WR. Other than that the rosters don’t look to familiar to us. We will have a better idea after week 1.

#9  Savages

The Savages have been suffering from injuries and roster movements over the last year. Hashim is still feeling some lingering issues from his injury last year so someone really needs to step up this year. Their roster is still very undecided and the only really commitments we are seeing is from Pavy, Joey, Sijo and Aasheesh. We will keep an eye on them and see how things transpire

#10 Wolfpack

Other than having a few conversations with their captain Yahya. The Wolfpack are new to the SAFL and we welcome them. GOod luck week 1 fellas!

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