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Division 2

SAFL Flag Football Week 5 | Power Rankings | Division 2

After a rainy Week 4 in the SAFL Flag Football League, there has been a shakeup in the Power Rankings. The Browns jumped to the top spot in Division 2 after securing a win against the Long Island Titans in Week 4. The Long Island Titans experienced their first loss of the season and drop to the second spot in the Power Rankings. The Sleepers remain in the third position while The Suicide Squad climbs from the sixth position to the fourth after winning their first game of the season. Balls Deep remains in the fifth position and Thunder, this week drops to the sixth spot in the Power Rankings.

  1. (3-0)
  2. (4-1)
  3. (2-1)
  4. (1-3)
  5. (1-3)
  6. (1-4)


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