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Division 2

SAFL D2 Predictions: October 15th, 2022 | Browns vs. Sleepers @ 1:00 pm | Eisenhower Park

Browns (4-1) vs. Sleepers (3-1)

Experience vs. Enthusiasm. The Browns take on this very confident Sleepers team in what has been dubbed the Game of the Week. This is the first time they play each other this season and both teams have had this game marked on their calendar. The Browns showed some kinks in last week’s loss to Suicide Squad (2-3) while the Sleepers spanked the Long Island Titans (4-2) in a rematch from Week 1 in which the Sleepers played in a nailbiter which they lost 35-34.

If the Browns want to win, they need to forget the loss to Suicide Squad and let the veterans continue playing their game and not try to change their style. They do need everyone to show and show up early especially Kap and Rob Jones to set the tone early on and help QB Sohel Vaid, who has really stepped up his play at his position accounting for 19 touchdowns on 4 interceptions, not bad, but last week both these guys either showed up late or weren’t in attendance at all. Those were some significant pieces missing in their loss to Suicide Squad. Defensively, the Browns have done a good job of maintaining low-scoring games with Omar Khan, Pulak Bhuiya, and Emanuel Sconiers making significant contributions on that side of the ball.

The Sleepers will need to put points on the board (which they are known to do easily and effectively) with their energy and play making ability on both sides. QB Ryan Prashad has shown that he can lead this team to victory at any given moment. He has thrown for 22 touchdowns on 7 interceptions with a 60.8% completion rate. That enthusiasm we were talking about earlier? Well, it starts with their captain and trickles down to the rest of this squad. Ryan has found a favorite target in Tyrel Dat who has accounted for 6 touchdowns this season as well as Syed Haider and Marvin Supersad who each have 4 and 3 touchdowns receptions, respectively. This team is built around defense and everyone on this team contributes in one way or another on the defensive side of the ball.

This has been a matchup that has been circled on a lot of people’s calendars for the last few weeks especially since these teams have been talking a bit of trash as of late as they both feel they are the class of this division.

No matter who we pick we end up adding fuel to the fire and this game will be a dogfight. It’ll be close but experience prevails in the end.


Browns 47
Sleepers 42


The Browns take on The Sleepers @ 1:00 pm in Eisenhower Park, Long Island, New York.



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