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Division 2

SAFL D2 Predictions: October 15th, 2022 | Suicide Squad vs L.I. Titans @ 2:20 pm | Eisenhower Park

Suicide Squad (2-3) vs. Long Island Titans (4-2)

Suicide Squad took it to the Browns (4-1) last week and showed all of Division 2 that when they are clicking they can beat anyone. Suicide Squad has made some significant changes since Week 1 while putting together a core group of guys that are dedicated to the team goals. The L.I. Titans are starting to slip and have now lost two in a row. Inconsistency on both sides of the ball for the Titans in the last few weeks as they may be turning the corner into mediocrity. Both teams need this win to establish who they are in this division. This game has high consequences no matter who wins.

If Suicide Squad wants to win, they need QB Jason Gregory to have a turnover-free game as he did last week. Within two weeks of becoming the starting QB for Suicide Squad, he has established himself as one of the top quarterbacks in this division as he has thrown 9 touchdowns in 2 games and only 1 interception. Jason has some good company that is helping push his numbers higher and higher. Omer Melik has shown he can play both sides of the ball with high intensity, Corey Weisfeld, Sameer Chowdhury, and Marke Sutton have all contributed greatly to the offensive and defensive, buying into the notion of team-first mentality established by Connor Duffy, who has become a leader on this squad and leading by example in all aspects of the game. Defensively, Suicide Squad has shown they can play defense with multiple looks. Led by Haseeb Azhar, who has missed games this season due to injury but has now recovered, is playing at the level most people expect of him at this juncture in the season.

If the Titans want to win, they need to turn back the clock and go back to what made them successful early on, getting the ball into Isaiah Woodard’s and Isaiah Taylor’s hands early and often and stop trying to do too much at QB and force things into low-percentage situations. QB Soafhan Hassan, over the first 4 weeks of the regular season, was showing indicators of being the MVP of the regular season but not has slipped over the last two weeks. Throwing for 21 touchdowns on 5 interceptions, Soafhan has done a great job of racking up touchdowns. So what’s the problem? When you look at the stats, you can see, in a glaring manner, who his favorite targets are. Teams have studied the game tape and have also looked at these stats and have figured out who the main threats are, which Soaafhan has recognized and has forced him into situations in which he is not comfortable with and moving away from his favorite targets. Of course, spread the ball around in a manner where the numbers aren’t as skewed but remember who got you where you are today. Go back to the winning formula, fellas!

Both defenses are looking for early turnovers which may have the QBs on edge on both sidelines and may end up being the winning formula this week for both teams. The saying “defense wins championships” means that defense gets you to the big game and a game like this will have to start on that side of the ball.

We see Suicide Squad ascending and the descent of the Long Island Titans will continue this week.


Suicide Squad 38
Long Island Titans 33


Suicide Squad takes on L.I. Titans @ 2:20 pm in Eisenhower Park, Long Island, New York.



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