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Division 2

SAFL D2 Predictions: October 8th, 2022 | L.I. Titans vs Sleepers @ 2:20pm | Eisenhower Park

Long Island Titans (4-1) vs. Sleepers (2-1)

This is an exciting matchup and has all the Hallmarks work Game of the Week written all over it as these teams go at it for a second time this season. They faced off in Week1 and the game couldn’t have been any more exciting as the score would indicate Titans 35 and Sleepers 34, just wow. It seems as if there is a little rivalry starting to brew between these two teams, probably because they are considered the heavyweights of Division 2.

The Titans are coming off getting spanked by the Browns (3-0) in Week 4, while the Sleepers are coming off a bye week and may show a little rust out of the gate. The Sleepers can win this game. They have talent and almost won the first meeting. The Titans will try to get back to their winning ways. To win, The Titans need to feed their big guns and use their defensive firepower to spark the defense. The Sleepers can win by using smart plays defensively to create turnovers and pushing the ball on offense against this suspect Titan’s defense.

This game can go either way as both teams are vying to hold onto the top spots in the Division. Some may say that we are going with the upset but truly the Sleepers winning wouldn’t surprise anyone here.

Sleepers 49
L.I. Titans 42


The Sleepers take on the Long Island Titans @ 2:20 pm in Eisenhower Park, Long Island, New York.



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